About us

Each member of our team adds value to the projects, with personality, creativity, and above all, professionalism.

With RW, you double!

RW Communication is part of the RW Group with RW Consulting, which deals with managerial administration, organization, and training for companies, we collaborate in integrated business development projects, to obtain excellent results throughout the company system.


Cinzia Pace
Executive Management - Business Development
Claudia Rubiu
Graphic Designer - Packaging Specialist
Andrea De Giorgi
Francesco Spano
Strategical advisor
Paola Riverditi
Project Manager - Art Director - Copywriter
Davide Quaglia
Responsabile IT - Web Developer
Monia Brandino
Graphic and Web Designer
Simona Sandri
Project Manager Junior
Stefania Bianchini
Graphic and Web Designer - Copywriter
Pietro Porro
Graphic and Web Designer
Giuseppe Milardi
3D Designer
Luca Giampietro
3D Designer, Graphic and Web Designer
Luca Gallizio
Graphic Designer