About us

We are a team of communication professionals.
And team does not mean being just a sum of single elements, but a perfect combination of technical skills and creative vision capable of transforming your goals into innovative ideas and ever-unique success stories.


Cinzia Pace
Management and Development
Andrea De Giorgi
Francesco Spano
Strategical advisor
Federica Cito
Digital Strategist
Monica Cocco
Operations Management
Barbara Ebbli
Business Development Gruppo RW
Luca Giampietro
Art Director and Digital Artist
Giuseppe Milardi
3D Designer
Valentina Porasso
Copywriter and Content Strategist
Davide Quaglia
IT Manager - Web Developer
Paola Riverditi
Project Manager - Art Director - Copywriter
Ilaria Taricco
Web Designer & Content Creator
Elisa Zaino
Web and Graphic Designer